Concrete Testing Equipments


Our range of Concrete Testing Equipment is fitted with double plunger pump with hydraulic Load gauge 0-1000 KN capacity. This equipment is the most simple, economical and reliable means of testing.

Compression Testing Machines


Our company offers Compression Testing Machines (Concrete), which is hand operated and has a capacity of 250 KN (25 tonne). This is designed so that it efficiently meets the need to test concrete cube for its compressive strength. This equipment is the most simple, economical and reliable means of testing.

  • Specifications:
Compression Testing Machines IS:516, BS 1881-115

  • ASEW-091
Compression Testing Machine, hand operated, 250 KN (25 tonne),
Channel Model : double plunger pump with hydraulic Load gauge.

  • ASEW-092
Compression Testing Machine, hand operated, 500 KN (50 tonne),
Channel Model : double plunger with hydraulic pressure gauge of0-500 KN capacity.

  • ASEW-093Compression Testing Machine, hand operated 1000 KN( 100 tonne),
Channel Model: fitted with double plunger pump with hydraulic Load gauge 0-1000 KN capacity.

  • ASEW-094
Compression Testing Machine, hand operated, 1000 KN (100 tonne), 4- Pillar Model, fitted with double plunger pump and hydraulic Load gauge 0-1000 KN of 200 mm dia. Portable Model. Top and bottom Fiber cover.

Flow Table Apparatus


Our company is engaged in manufacturing and supplying Flow Table & Kelly Ball Penetration Apparatus, which are used to determine the workability of portland cement concrete. The Kelly Ball test is considered to be simple and much faster than the slump test.

  • Specifications:

  • ASEW-134

Flow Table : IS : 1199, AASHTOT 126, BS 4551-1,ASTMC230
The Flow Table determining the flow or Portland cement concrete Consists of Flow table hand Top is 76.2 cms (30") dia, finely machined from a solid casting.
The stand is fabricated out of cast iron/M. steel and is of sturdy construction.
The ground and hardened steel cam is designed to drop the table by 12.5mm.
Complete with Flow mould with handles with one tamping rod 0-60 cms long x 16 mm dia. Hand operated.

  • ASEW-135
Flow Table, Motorised.
Similar to item No. 134, but electrically operated. Suitable for Operation on 230 Volts, single phase, 50cycle. A.C. supply.

  • Spares:
Flow Mould made of gunmetal, IS: 1199
Tamping Bar.

  • ASEW-136
Kelly ball penetration apparatus ASTM C-30. The apparatus is Complete with a steel cylinder with hemispherical bottom and Handle and the strirrup frame.

Concrete Compression Testing Machines


We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying Concrete Compression Testing Machines, which is available in both manual and electrically types. The machine is fitted with control which enables the rate of application of load to be varied. The machine is equipped with facilities for hand operation as well.




Compression Testing Machine, hand operated, 2000 Kn (200 tonne),
Channel Model: Fitted with double plunger pump and hydraulic Load gauge 0-2000 KN cap

Compression Testing Machine, hand operated, 2000 KN (200 tonne), 2 or 4 Pillar model, with separate pumping unit connected by a copper/rubber hose pipe, double plunger with pressure gauge 0-2000 KN capacity.

Compression Testing Machine, 250 KN (25 tonne) Electrically-cum-manually operated. TWO/FOUR PILLAR MODEL. "
Compression Testing Machine, 500 KN (50 tonne) Electrically-cum-manually operated.

Compression Testing Machine, 1000 KN (100 tonne) cap. Electrically-cum-manually operated. 2 or 4 PILLAR MODEL.

Compression Testing Machine, 1000 KN (100 Tonne)cap. Electrically-cum manually operated. 2 or 4 PILLAR MODEL : with two pressure gauges i.e. 0-500 KN x 2.5 KN divn. and 0-1000 KN x 5 KN/ divn.

Compression Testing Machine, 2000 KN (200 Tonne) cap. Electrically-cum-manually operated. 2 or 4 pillar model.


Compression Testing Machine, 2000 KN. (200 tonne) cap.,
Electrically-cum-manually operated with two
Load gauges 2 or 4 Pillar Model. 0-1000 KN x 5 KN/divn. and 0-200KN x 10 KN/divn.

Compression Testing Machine, 2000 KN (200 tonne) cap.,
Electrically-cum-manually operate with 3gauges. 2 or 4 Pillar MODEL. 0-500 KN x 2.5 KN, 0-1000 KN x 5 KN/div. and 0-2000 KN x 10 KN/divn.

Compression testing Machine. Digital 2000 KN x 1 KN least count.
ASEW series Compression Testing machine are the finest of there type obtainable. The rugged construction & extreme simplicity make it possible for even non-technical personnel to operate them with ease and complete dependability. ASEW Compression Testing Machine conform to the requirements international Standards like BS ASTM & Indian Standard IS:516.
Some Salient Features:
High Stability,
Self Aligning
Platen Suitable for Testing Cubes and Cylinders of various sizes,
Brick can also be tested,
Digital having function of peak hold facility, memory status,
automatic cut­off of maximum Load, Alarm generated when the sample breaks down,

Cubes of size 50 mm - 200 mm can be tested, Cylinders 100 mm x 200 mm ht.& 150 mm dia. x 300 mm ht. can be tested.
NOTE: You can get Digital Readouts in all Machines cap. 250 KN to 3000 KN.

Compression And Flexure Testing Machine


We are engaged in offering Compression & Flexure Testing Machine, which is specially designed for compression test of concrete. It has high precision servo control and simple-operated program improve effectively the convenience and reliability of test.





  • Compression Testing Machine. Digital 2000 KN x 1 KN least count fitted with additional pressure gauge 2000 KN x 10 KN/Div.


  • Power pack for standard portable model


  • Compression Testing Machine, (3000 KN) cap., electrically-cum-manually operated. 2 or 4 PILLAR MODEL.


  • Compression Testing Machine, 3000 KN. (300 tonne) cap.,
  • electrically-cum-manually operated. 2 or 4 PILLAR MODEL: with three Load gauge 0-1000 KN x 5 KN/div, 0-2000 kN x 10 kN/div and 0-3000 KN x 15 KN/divn.



  • Compression testing machine, 3000KN cap x 1 KN Electrically with Digital Display. 440V, 3 Phase, 50 cycles, AC supply.
  • Accessories:
  • Brick Platen. Set of 2
  • Load Gauge 150 mm dia. for Manually CTM
  • Load Gauge 200 mm dia for electrical CTM
  • Flexural attachment for 100 x 100 x 500 mm Beams and 150 x 150 x 700 mm beam as per IS: 516
  • Dummy with Red needle for Load gauge.
  • Spacer Block for 1000 KN Machine
  • Spacer Block for 2000 KN Machine
  • Hydraulic Pump 100 tonne for Portable CTM hand
  • Hydraulic Pump for 100 tonne machine hand operated
  • Hydraulic Pump fort 200 tonne machine hand operated


Flexure Strength


  • Flexural testing machine upto 100 KN capacity hand operated For 10 x 10 x 50 and 15 x 15 x 70 cms concrete beams as per IS-516-1959, IS: 4696.
  • Complete with Hydraulic Load gauge 0-100 KN x 0.5 kN/div. With Calibration certificate. Hand operated Loading unit 100 KN cap. with a self retracting type jack & a hand operated hydraulic Pump, Load gauge with maximum load indicating pointer,
  • The machine has a set of platens, top platen has a self aligning roller fixed at the center and lower one has two rollers of 25 mm dia, equally spaced at a distant of 15 cm.
  • These rollers are hard chrome plated to increase the abrasion resistance and hardness. Type of Loading: Third point.


  • Flexural testing machine, same as ASEW-110, but electrically-cum-Manually operated. 220V, 1 Phase, 50 cycles, AC supp

Concrete Test Hammer


Our company is engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Concrete Test Hammers, which is an instrument easy to use, for quick and approximate measurement of the resistance to pressure of manufactured concrete products. It works on the principle that the rebound of an elastic mass impacting on a surface is a function of the hardness of the surface itself. Hence the harder the surface, the greater is the rebound distance.





  • Concrete Test Hammer BS 1881 -202,ASTM C805
  • The Method is based on the principal that the rebound of an elastic mass depends on the hardness of the surface which it strikes. The Test is fast & unlikely to cause damage to the concrete.
  • The hammer is intended for testing the quality of concrete in finished structures such as buildings and bridges. Supplied complete with carrying case and carborundum stone, the hammer is suitable for testing concrete with Compressive Strengths of 10 to 70 N/mm2. Weight 1.4 Kgs. App.

Concrete Consistency Testers


Our range of Concrete Consistency Testers is mainly used to determine and measure how hard and consistent a given sample of concrete is before curing. These are suitable for operation on 230 volts, 50 cycles, A.C. supply.


Consistency Of Workability


  • Vee-Bee Consistometer : IS : 1199, BS: 1881 (P-104), ASTM C1170,AASHTO T 126 Consists of a vibrating table, specimen pot, slump cone, graduated Rod and plate. Suitable for operation on 230 volts, 50 cycles, A.C. Supply.


  • Slump Test apparatus: IS: 7320.BS 1881-102, BS 5075,ASTM C143,AASHTO Tl 19 Consists of slump cone fitted with handles and foot pieces in position. Base plate in octagonal shape, Two clamps slide over the foot grips of a standard slump cone and hold It securely while filling and rodding. A combination swivel carrying handle. Complete with graduated tamping rod 0-60 cms long and 16 cms long and 16 mm dia with 0-30 cms
  • Accessories:
  • Slump cone 10 cms top dia, 20 cms bottom dia and 30 cm height
  • Tamping rod, graduated 0-60 cms long x 16 mm dia with scale Graduation.

Density Measuring Apparatus


We are offering Cylindrical Density Measuring Apparatus, which are basically density measuring apparatus disclosed including a section of cylindrical conduit comprising a measurement section or housing for the flow sensor. The flow sensor housing is fixedly attached to a conduit at its distal ends allowing fluid to pass through the open ends of the sensor housing as fluid flows through the conduits.



Weight per Cubic Meter Of Fresh Concrete


  • Bulk Density Cylindrical Measure, 0.01 cu. M (10 ltr.) nominal Capacity with handles. IS : 1199.


  • Bulk Density cylindrical measure, 0.02 cu. M (20 ltrs.) nominal Capacity with handles. IS: 1199.
  • Compaction Factor apparatus: IS : 5515 ; IS : 1199,BS 1881-103,BS 5075
  • Consists of two conical hoppers and a cylinder mounted on a rigid metal frame. The lower opening of the hoppers are fitted with hinged trap-doors for release and during the fall of material. Complete with trowel and tamping bar 0-60 cms long x 16 mm dia. Ifca


  • Concrete Penetrometer, Spring type. IS: 8142, ASTMD 1558.
  • Consists of cylindrical spring housing with a plunger attached to the top of the spring. Penetration needle is attached to the other end of the spring housing. The plunger is graduated in 1 kg/div, to a maximum cap of 60 kg. Which can be read with respect to the top end of the spring housing. Complete with a set of seven needle pointers in a nice wooden carrying case.

Longitudinal Compressometer & Lateral Extensometer


Our range of Longitudinal Compressometer & Lateral Extensometer is equipped with two frames for clamping to the specimen by means of five tightening screw with a hardened and tapered end.  These are catering to the requirements of diverse applications in defense, automotives and research and development activities.



Determination of The Modulus Of Elasticity


  • Longitudinal Compressometer for 150mm dia x 300 mm high Specimen
  • Consists of two frames for clamping to the specimen by means of five tightening screw with a hardened and tapered end. Two spacers hold the two frame in position. A pivot rod rests on pivot screws. A dial gauge, fixed to a bracket fitted to the top frame is used for taking deformation measurement. Supplied complete with dial gauge 0.002 mm x 10 mm in a nice wooden carrying case.


    • Lateral Extensometer for 150 mm dia x 300 mm high specimen:
    • Consists of two movable frames pivoted at one end. A dial gauge Measures the lateral extension, and a removable spacer strip is For the initial setting of the dial gauge. Complete with a dial gauge 0.01 x 25 mm and stainless steel screws.

Specific Gravity (Density) Apparatus


We are offering Specific Gravity (Density) Apparatus, which is useful in the determination of specific gravity of a test liquid by the falling-drop method is described. This feature enables the initial fluid column to be conveniently repetitively used for specific gravity determinations.



Density of Fresh and Hardened Concrete


  • Specific Gravity (Density) apparatus, BS: 1881-114./Buoyancy Balance.
  • Consists of a rigid support frame, incorporating a water tank mounted on a platform. A mechanical lifting device is used to raise the water tank through the frame height immersing the specimen suspended below the balance. The Electronic Digital Balance 10 kg x 0.5 gram supplied with frame, water tank, suspension hook, Wire basket 200x200 mm.

Concrete Meter


We design light weight concrete meters to remove the burden some works of hand mixing. Uniform mixed batches can be obtained in the filed or laboratories. The counter balance-mixing drum can be easily tilted. The total drum volume is two cubic feet. This drum is mounted on a sturdy rubber tired stand. Drum is mounted for end discharge. These are equipped with end towing poles. The stable power consumption of these mixtures is 440 V, 3 phase, 50 cycle AC Supply.

Vacuum Pump


Item Code :  ASEW-252

High Rotary Vacuum Pump is mounted on a base plate and is fitted with vibration free and noise less fraction H.P. Motor with an ultimate vacuum of 0.01 mm Hg / 0.005 mm Hg. – column displacement for single and double stage pumps respectively. It is fitted with vacuum gauge with regulator, moisture trap, belt guard cord and plug, To work on 220 V.A.C.

25lts./min. & 50 Lts./min.

Point Load Test Apparatus


Item Code :  ASEW-253

The apparatus comprises of Four Column adjustable crosshead frame and a hand operated hydraulic jack. Pressure applied by the jack extends the piston carrying the lower conical point. The upper point is fixed to the crosshead with a scale to indicate the distance between the conical points. Pressure is indicated directly as load on Pressure gauge .Capacity of the Machine 100 KN . Gauge fitted with the app. is of 200 mm dia.